Best Inflatable Paddle Boards (Updates 2023)

The problem with traditional SUP’s is that they can be extremely cumbersome to lug around and store when not in season, oftentimes requiring two people to carry back to shore. For those who are wanting the ultimate freeing experience of the open water without the hassles of a bulky toy, the inflatable paddle boards, or iSUPs, make an excellent choice.

Inflatable SUPs have been around for a while, but it’s only in the most recent years that companies have perfected the design of their inflatable paddle board models, allowing you to enjoy practically the same level of stability that you’d normally expect from the traditional paddle boards. We’ve poured through over 55 models and ranked our top 5 best inflatable paddle boards, so you can spend less time shopping, and more time on the water! 

Benefits of Inflatable Paddle Boards

There are several benefits of using an inflatable paddle board, including:

  1. Portability: Inflatable paddle boards are much easier to transport than traditional hard boards. They can be deflated and rolled up into a small backpack or bag, making them perfect for travel or storage.
  2. Durability: Many people think that inflatable paddle boards are less durable than hard boards, but this is not necessarily true. Inflatable boards are made from durable materials like PVC and drop-stitch construction, which make them resistant to punctures and abrasions.
  3. Stability: Inflatable paddle boards are often wider and thicker than traditional hard boards, which provides greater stability and balance on the water. This makes them a great option for beginners or anyone who wants a more stable paddling experience.
  4. Easy to Learn: Inflatable paddle boards are generally easier to learn on than hard boards, as they provide more stability and are easier to balance on. This makes them a great choice for beginners who are just starting out with the sport.
  5. Versatility: Inflatable paddle boards can be used in a variety of different water conditions, from calm lakes to choppy ocean waves. They are also suitable for a range of activities, including touring, racing, yoga, and fishing.

Types of Inflatable Paddle Boards:

here are several types of inflatable paddle boards, including:

  • All-Around Paddle Boards: These are the most popular type of inflatable paddle boards and are suitable for all types of paddling activities, from flat water to small waves.
  • Touring Paddle Boards: These boards are longer and narrower than all-around boards, making them ideal for long-distance paddling and touring.
  • Yoga Paddle Boards: These boards are wider and more stable than other types, making them ideal for practicing yoga on the water.
  • Surf Paddle Boards: These boards are designed for riding waves and are typically shorter and more maneuverable than other types.
  • Fishing Paddle Boards: These boards are designed for fishing and often feature built-in rod holders and other fishing-specific features.

Atoll 11′ Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

For an all-around high quality inflatable stand up paddleboard (ISUP) from a company with top-notch customer service, you can’t beat the Atoll 11’ ISUP and that’s why it earns our top pick. At 11 feet in length and 32 inches width, this paddleboard is very roomy. The 6 inch thickness also provides buoyancy that allows the board to carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Go ahead and hop on with a friend, your dog, or your gear for a fun day on the water. With a pointed and slightly upturned nose, you’ll find that this board glides through water and can comfortably handle sharp turns. And don’t forget: you have a 2 year manufacturer warranty from one of the best companies in the business. If you have any questions whatsoever, simply send an email to Atoll. They answer quickly and provide top-level product support.

Atoll 11′ Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • UPGRADED with new 2023 style ultra light construction used, dual layer PVC on this inflatable paddle board – 40% lighter than comparable models while creating an extra ridged board. Inflatable stand up paddle board comes with high Pressure Bravo dual action hand pump (inflates when pushing down AND pulling up) 3rd generation hand pump (up to 15psi), front and back bungee tie downs, travel backpack with waist strap also comes with this standup

Rokia R SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

The portability of Rokia SUP is undeniable. It’s a great option for camping trips, boating and riders with limited transport/storage space. The board can provide excellent glide for fishing , yoga & pilates, exploring and fitness etc. With this excellent flat-water inflatable stand-up paddle board, beginners can also enjoy wonderful surfing experience.

Rokia R SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Rokia R SUP is incredibly durable and tough.Constructed of military-grade PVC and manufactured with advanced composite fibers core.When fully inflated to the recommended 12-15 PSI,this unique drop-stitch technology causes the air pressure to distribute evenly across the top and bottom surfaces forming a hard,stable platform.
  • Rokia paddle board is easy to store and pack down and can be tucked away just about anywhere-trunk,closet, boat locker or under your bed,great for travel with your partner.Full inflated size:10’6”x32”x6”,Package Size:37.4”x18.5”x9.5”,Weight:35 Ibs,Support Rider Weight:240 Ibs.

Tower Adventurer 9′ 10″

Make your next trip to the beach an adventure with the Tower Adventurer Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard. This board is one of the higher priced items but it’s an extremely high quality design made by a very reputable company.

The board is a slightly shorter length at 9 feet 10 inches but most people find that it’s just the right amount of board for them. The high-quality military grade PVC material coupled with its 6-inch thickness make for a board that is rated to hold upwards of 350 lbs. at a total board weight of just 25 lbs.

Bring your child or dog with you on your next trip to the beach and let him enjoy the water as much as you do! The board comes with a pump and 3-piece lightweight and durable fiberglass paddle but does not come with a carrying bag.

Tower Adventurer 9′ 10″

  • Amazing Rigidity
  • Easy to Store
  • Stable and Maneuverable
  • A Viable EPS/Epoxy Board Alternative — We’re Not Kidding!

XTERRA Boards 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

For a board that makes a statement, get the XTERRA 10’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. XTERRA does style right with this jet-black board with bright red accent on the deck and red trim around the sides.

This is XTERRA’s best-selling 10’ ISUP and comes with some great bonuses. It’s 10’ long, 30” wide and 5.5” thick – standard measurements for a great all-around, multi-use ISUP.

It comes with 4 d-rings with included bungee cords on the bow to hold down your gear. There are also d-rings on the bow and stern for tying it off when transporting – if you prefer to keep it inflated. Included are a high-pressure pump with integrated pressure gauge, 3-piece travel paddle, 3 removable fins, a repair kit, and 3 more bonus items: a backpack roller bag with wheels for easy transport, a Hi-Viz mini dry bag to store your cell phone and wallet, and a 10’ long coiled ankle leash.

XTERRA Boards 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • Xterra’s inflatable paddleboards offer years of adventure and fun on the water. It’s the perfect SUP for both beginner and veteran riders and it’s balanced, rigid 6″ thick base makes it easy to control and maneuver. An adjustable aluminum paddle allows riders to change the paddles length to match their height.
  • This standup paddle board gives you the durability of a hard body paddleboard with the convenience of an inflatable board. Military grade drop stitch material covers the top, bottom, and sides of the iSUP. The entire body of the stand-up paddle board is double reinforced so that the board won’t warp or lose shape over time. T

ISLE 10’6″ Pioneer | Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This super-lightweight Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard weighs in at just 17.5 lbs.! ISLE has been in the business since 2004 and has come up with some revolutionary technologies for stand up paddleboards – which you’ll see in this model.

Its proprietary Airtech Fusion-Lite construction process is what makes the feather-weight design possible. In addition, the military grade outer skin has a 6-inch thickness for a stable, durable ride that’s comparable to a hard board. The paddleboard has a maximum capacity of 240 lbs. and is perfect for a single rider.

It comes in a light blue color with gray accents and includes a 42-ounce adjustable travel paddle made of aluminum, a carrying bag and a hand pump. The 10’ Inflatable All Around Paddle Board is ISLE’s best-selling ISUP model. You can’t go wrong with this paddleboard if you’re looking for a versatile board with great flat water and small surf performance.

ISLE 10’6″ Pioneer | Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • The Pioneer is ISLE’s most versatile board for all-around fun. The trim and stylish design fits riders of all sizes who are looking for a versatile board shape for both flat water (lakes, ponds, etc), river runs, small surf performance, and everything in between. With room for cargo, pets, and kids!
  • Run it over with your vehicle, throw it off the roof or ram it into rocks or a pier; Constructed with military-grade PVC making this board rigid enough for all paddle board activities and durable enough to last. This wide stance inflatable paddle board is six inches thick helping you stay balanced while you’re paddle boarding.

Inflatable SUP Buying Guide

If you had board in mind that you didn’t see on this list, or are stuck comparing features between a few on here, this buyers guide is for you. As no two people are the same, no two paddleboards are the same and our aim is to help remove some of the “analysis paralysis” that comes with selecting amongst so many options.

Inflatable SUP vs. Fiberglass SUP

The #1 reason people are looking for an iSUP is because of the convenience they bring when traveling. We admit, being able to roll up your board and throw it on your back is awesome, however all of this just depends on your lifestyle and where you’re going to be predominantly using it. If you’re stuck choosing between an iSUP and a regular SUP, here is where we think each are best suited:

Inflatable SUP Best For: Those who don’t have storage space Campers and Hikers Leisure Paddle Boarders Calmer Bodies of Water.

Solid Fiberglass SUP Best For: Competitive Racing Paddle BoardersOcean (Surfing) Paddle Boarders Those with a Rack and/or Storage Working Out (Yoga)

Features to Consider

There are more features than you might realize when it comes to choosing the best paddle board for you. Below are the attributes we used in selecting the paddleboards on our list above.

Hull Type

You probably noticed as you read through our reviews of the best boards, and noticed some had more rounded ends like longboards, while others had more pointy ends like surf boards. Those are not just stylistic choices, but rather deliberate hull designs specifically for your paddle boarding style. There are two different hull types available:

Planing Hull

This paddle board hull design makes these types of boards the best overall, and for the majority of people. A planed, or planning, style hull is flatter and wider similar to that of a longboard. It’s designed this way so that you ride more (plane up) on top of the water. If you’re a beginner paddle boarder, or are buying it for a beginner, definitely stick to this style as they tend to be the most stable and versatile, and you can still surf with them.

Displacement Hull

This style of paddleboard shares a similar front end to kayaks, canoes, and surfboards. The hulls on these types of paddle boards are made so the boarder can slice through the water, essentially pushing the water to either side of the nose. These types of paddle boards are typically faster and more maneuverable than the plane style counterparts.

Sizing Considerations

Probably the most overlooked when choosing a paddle board is picking a board that is sized properly for you. Picking a board too small for your body will ensure you’ll never be able to become balanced, and picking one too large will ensure you never get going anywhere fast.


There are so many different environments you can paddle board in, but as each condition differs it only makes sense that your board should too. Taking into consideration where you’re going to be using your paddle board will make all the difference in the world. Luckily with inflatable SUPS you don’t have to compromise your board length for storage space.

Short (Under 9’)

These boards are great if you’re wanting quick maneuverability. Obviously the shorter you go with your board length the more sacrifices you’ll make in stability, but if you’re planning on shredding ocean waves these sized boards are ideal. These sized boards are great if you’re planning on buying one for your kid as the size won’t be too big for them to paddle around.

Medium (9′ to 12′)

Ideal for those who plan on using these in calmer settings such as lakes and rivers, but still want more stability. This is ideal for novice’s who have paddled before but aren’t quite experts. This size is also great for bigger people who want to be able to go fast on the water.

Large (Above 12′)

Despite their size and surface tension long boards are actually ideal for people who want to paddle fast on the water. If you’re interested in competitive racing or just want a board that you can work out with, get a board bigger than 12’ long.


This will largely depend on your body type, so being honest when selecting your board will make for a much better time out on the water. A middle of the road width for all types of paddleboards is around 30-31” wide. Anything narrower than those widths you’ll start to lose stability, anything wider you’ll gain stability but lose speed.


You’ll notice as you shop for paddle boards each has a different volume attribute associated with it. All this is, is an indication of the boards volume displacement; the higher the volume the more stability you will have. So, if you’re choosing between two boards and all their specs are the same, we recommend picking the board that has a higher volume displacement factor.


Each board is rated for different weight capacities and this is something that should be adhered to, especially if you want to be safe on the water. If you’re going to be up against the weight capacity, we recommend getting a board one size bigger to ensure you’re never in a situation where the board is submerged below the water’s surface.


Fins are minor in size but majorly important to the stability of your paddle board. Fins can vary from board to board but the most common types are:


Sometimes these are referred to as “thrusters”. This is the type of fin you want varying situations as it promotes straight racking but not sacrificing maneuverability in surf conditions.

Racing Fin

These fins are typically straighter and much stiffer than the common types seem on novice boards. The longer the fin the more side resistance you can have against wind.

Large Single Fin

Just a smaller version of the racing style fin, some come removable making them easier to stow.

Paddle Selection

SUP paddles are something that shouldn’t be overlooked as choosing the wrong paddle style or one that is made from cheaper materials will make for a bad overall experience. A good recommendation on paddle length is to make sure and choose one that can adjust to 6” – 8” taller than you are. This will make for an optimal paddle stroke.

Inflatable SUP Accessories

Paddle Board Paddle

If you’re paddle board doesn’t come with the paddle already bundled together, pick the carbon fiber paddle from BPS.

Quality Pump

The majority of inflatable paddle boards come with their proprietary pump but if you’re eyeing one that doesn’t already have one we recommend the standup pump by blue wave sports.

GoPro Hero

If you’re going to be spending the day paddle boarding chances are you won’t have your phone handy to take pictures. Having a GoPro is an awesome way to capture all the fun on the water so you can watch it back later.

Life Vest

A lot of the time you’re going to be fine without having a life jacket on, but if you’d feel more comfortable or are going to be in some unknown conditions it is a great idea to grab a life jacket specifically designed for paddle boarding. The ONYX MoveVent life jacket is made to allow for your arms to move freely without constantly rubbing as you paddle. If you’ve ever tried paddle boarding with a regular life jacket, you’ll realize this is a god-send.

Paddle Board Leash

Paddle boards can get expensive and the last thing you want is to watch your toy go floating off into the sunset. A great way to keep you attached to the paddle board, and the paddle board to you is by leashing your ankle to the board. If you’re going to be using the board for any type of ocean paddle boarding this is a must have. The Nemesis surf coiled surfing leash is our top pick.

Paddle Board Backpack

Chances are the inflatable SUP you buy is going to come with a carrying sack, that you can easily fold up into. However, if you’re going to be taking your paddleboard on hikes or trekking long distances while carrying it, a great way to save your arms is to get a SUP backpack. The best one around is the Chaos Ready waterproof backpack.


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