5 Best White Water Rafts

Very few outdoor sports can match the thrill that a white-water rafting trip can bring. The adventure of not knowing what is coming up around the bend, and the spray of ice cold water to the face will keep people of all ages coming back for more. Obviously, you know that, which is why you’re shopping for the best white water rafts so you can take on the rapids anytime.

Whether this is your first stop in your search for the best white water craft, or you’ve been tirelessly searching, our list of the 5 best white water rafts will be your final guide.

We’ve scouted the market and poured over reviews and ratings to bring you the curated list of the top rated white water rafts you can buy for your next rafting adventure.

As you very well may know when it comes to white water rafts choosing a good raft could mean the difference in staying alive on the water, but we feel confident that you won’t be disappointed in any of the best ones below.

Types of White Water Rafts

there are several types of white water rafts available in the market. The most common types are self-bailing rafts, paddle rafts, and motorized rafts. Self-bailing rafts are designed with small holes on the bottom to allow water to drain out, making them ideal for white water rapids. Paddle rafts require manual paddling and are perfect for smaller groups.

Motorized rafts, as the name suggests, come with a motor and are ideal for longer trips and larger groups. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

Features to Look for When Choosing a White Water Raft:

  1. Size: Consider how many people you’ll be rafting with and the type of water you’ll be navigating. A larger raft may be better for bigger groups or more challenging rapids, while a smaller raft may be better for more intimate trips or calmer waters.
  2. Material: White water rafts can be made of various materials, such as PVC, Hypalon, or urethane. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of durability, weight, and cost. PVC rafts are typically the least expensive but also the least durable, while Hypalon rafts are more expensive but more durable.
  3. Shape: Rafts can come in different shapes, including round, semi-round, and cataract. Each shape has its own benefits and drawbacks in terms of stability, maneuverability, and weight.
  4. Self-bailing: A self-bailing raft has small holes in the floor that allow water to drain out. This can be helpful for navigating rapids, as it prevents the raft from becoming too heavy with water.
  5. Accessories: Consider any additional features or accessories that you may need, such as oars, paddles, life jackets, or a pump.
  6. Brand reputation: Look for reputable brands that have a history of producing quality white water rafts that are durable and reliable.

By considering these features and doing your research, you can find the best white water raft to fit your needs and budget.

Now that we have covered all the important features and guidelines for choosing the perfect white water raft, it’s time to dive into our list of the top 5 best white water rafts available on the market.

Otter Livery 106

Sometimes simple is better. This standard floor raft might seem familiar because it’s timeless two-chamber tube design has been mainstream for decades. This enduring raft is a great choice to introduce you to the sport of rafting affordably.

NRS uses unrivaled Pennel Orca material and Leafield C7 valves. The Otter Livery comes in many sizes, but we like the Livery 106 because NRS added an extra foot of space. At 10’6″ long and almost 5′ wide you can add more cargo or a passenger with a standard boat frame.

The classic BAT (Batten Attachment Thwart) system converts easily to a 6-person paddleboat. It’s easy to maneuver and moves well into tight eddies behind holes or down a fish ladder. Hopefully Outdoor lay & NRS will make this model raft for decades to come.

Otter Livery 106

  • 100IN x 50IN, this inflatable boat heavy duty can accommodate up to 4 people, Can hold 3 adults , about 596LB. Very suitable for a family of 4 person(if not so heavy) to play boat pool floaty,the inflatable pool boats is good gift for Famliy.
  • The inflatable kayak hull is made of SUPER-TOUGH (PVC) polymer material, which is thick and wear-resistant, it greatly improves the pressure resistance of the air chamber.it is more thicker than other inflatable rafts,Avoid getting scratched by rocks while rafting

Saturn Light River Raft Ducky

Who knows who first started calling fun inflatable rafts “duckies.” Duckies don’t have to be yellow, but they do have to be small. This rubber ducky is light and lots of fun. Saturn certainly makes the top of the list for this 2-person whitewater raft. It’s mid-range priced with industry standard valves, detachable thwarts.

What makes it unique are the tubes’ high rocker curves and that it comes with paddles.

The floor is stable enough to stand on but not self-bailing. Many convert the high-pressure dropt-stitch air deck floor to be self-bailing though. The raft material is heavy duty PVC coated fabric formulated to be puncture proof and abrasion resistant. As a 1 to 2-person paddleboat the front and rear splash guards are great. There is an extra layer of PVC on top of tubes, so that you can throw a rowing frame on and go down some rapids.

Saturn Light River Raft Ducky

  • this Inflatable fishing kayak is compact and lightweight without compromising performance making it a great alternative to a traditional kayak!
  • Three separate removable air chambers allows for quick and simple adjustments, diagnosis and repair!

Intex Mariner 4

The latest version of the Intext Mariner is the greatest for durability. If you are looking for a well-made durable boat for a great price, this boat boasts nearly 400 brilliant reviews. With a maximum cargo weight of 880 lbs this boat is definetly in the heavy-weight class.

The super-tough laminated vinyl raft can definitely rough it. This rugged river raft is great for family fun. The raft is UV ray damage proof and stays cool to the touch. Often most important, the Mariner inflates and deflates fast. The valves and quick-fills are well designed.

The strong plastic flooring makes it stable in the water and all-around nylon grab line make it a versatile recreational boat.

Intex Mariner 4

  • The strong molecular structure of this plastic makes it highly resistant to damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight.
  • Four Boston valves on main hull chamber for quick-fills and fast-deflations.
  • The keel is inflatable; this results in improved control and handling.
  • A durable rock guard lines the circumference of the hull above which an all-around nylon grab line circles the upper hull.

Marsports 3 Person Inflatable Boat

Metal safety clasp, stronger, not easy drop off from the kayak boat

Fishing seat, more convenient, The point of fishing boat kayak, especially for lovers of river and sea fishing.

Oar protection, lock on the side of kayak.

Marsports 3 Person Inflatable Boat

  • This boat inflatable is equipped with the latest upgraded and strengthened boat oars, the middle part adopts a reinforced design, so that the oars are not easy to break during use.
  • The inflatable rafts fishing boat is equipped with 4 super-atmospheric valves, which can realize rapid inflation and deflation. And equipped with 4 independent airbags, even if one is damaged, it will not affect the use of the other three.

Colorado XT

Some boatmen like to fish and some fisherman like to boat. The Colorado XT’s can handle serious white water but is the one of best fishing whitewater boats on the water.

The higher ride for improved visibility are great safety features. We like all the customizable features on this boat. The non-slip footrests adjust for any height, and the rod holder can be mounted in six different positions. The modifiable storage includes 20 pockets and two insulated drink holders.

You can easily remove the gear bags and two detachable foam fly patches. Slip into a little eddy and use the anchor system with cleat and pulley controls. The XT’s unique dual-side stripping apron with fish ruler that allows easy entry and exit without unclipping. It even comes with a free trial membership to Trout Unlimited.

iiSport Tactical

  • Colorado XT assembled size 108″L x 56″W x 28″H (to top of seat), Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Heavy-duty pontoon boat with abrasion-resistant PVC bottom, tough nylon top, powder-coated steel tube frame, bronze oar locks, cold and heat-resistant bladders and rugged 7-foot two-piece aluminum oars


choosing the best white water raft depends on a number of factors such as the type of river you plan to navigate, the number of people you’ll be rafting with, the level of experience of the paddlers, and your budget. It’s important to consider these factors and take the time to research and compare different options before making a purchase. With the right white water raft, you can safely and confidently explore the exciting and beautiful world of river rafting.


Rick is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hiking, camping, and exploring the great outdoors. As a writer for OutdoorRated, Rick shares their expertise and knowledge with readers to help them make informed decisions about the gear they need for their next adventure.